Biogas Upgrading Modules

Small and Medium Scale

NeoZeo offers top-level Biogas Upgrading Modules for small/medium-scale businesses, small towns with sewage treatment plants and agricultural enterprises. Our extensive research background on porous materials and excellent expertise in biogas upgrading will meet your needs for high-quality Biomethane suitable for Vehicle Fuelling, Gas Grid Injection, and Heat-and-Power Production.


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About NeoZeo

NeoZeo is a technology company focusing on biogas upgrading solutions. We work with the results of technological and scientific innovation to achieve the best quality and efficient process optimization of upgrading biogas to biomethane - a renewable vehicle fuel and power source. NeoZeo biogas upgrading plants are modular and designed to fit into your desired footprint even when space is scarce.

The module is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology and imbedded uniquely developed adsorbent materials for improved cost- and operational efficiency. The combination of these technology features allows us to offer high-quality cost-efficient Biogas Upgrading modules for small- and medium-scale enterprises, e.g. farms and towns, with raw biogas flow of starting as small as 10 Nm3/h and reach 200 Nm3/h for one module. Moreover, larger biogas flows can also be upgraded using NeoZeo' biogas upgrading technology using design on a skid or utilizing more than one module.

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Case 1 – Private Cars

On average, a car consumes 10 Nm3 Biomethane per 100 km. Assuming a car travels 30'000 km per year, the annual CBG (compressed biogas) usage per car is 3'000 Nm3. NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading module, with the raw biogas capacity of 50 Nm3/h, allows for the annual production of at least 200'000 Nm3 of upgraded Biomethane, if the module is working 8'000 hours per year. Thus, at least 66 cars can be fuelled throughout the year. Excess production of biomethane can be stored as compressed gas for later usage or sale, or transformed into electricity/heating without compression right away after upgrading.

Case 2 – Buses

On average, a bus consumes 47 Nm3 of Biomethane per 100 km. Under the assumption that a bus travels 100'000 km per year, its annual CBG consumption is 47'000 Nm3. By using NeoZeo upgrading module, with raw biogas inlet capacity of 100 Nm3/h, that is working 8'000 hours per year; one could produce at least 400'000 Nm3 of upgraded Biomethane, and fuel 9 buses throughout per year.

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